TB&B Fooddock expo

The Future Foods expo at Fooddock, during which students presented their views on the future of food, received a lot of positive responses from visitors. The installations offered an interesting glimpse into what might be the future of food. From ordering it, to consuming it.


The Hunger Games – Visitors working together by picking up their cutlery to get to their food.

Some of the visitors’ favorites of the expo included The Hunger Games, an installation in which visitors took a seat at a dining table that would hide their food. Diners had to collaboratively solve a puzzle by picking up their cutlery before they could enjoy their food. With this installation the students were curious what sort of new social interactions could emerge at the dining table.


Ørbit – Using molecular gastronomy techniques, spherical cocktails are presented on a rotating table together with visualizations that enhance the taste of the cocktails. All the ingredients for an exciting first date experience!

Ørbit had two diners relive their first date, by having them take a seat at a table for two. The installation featured a story, supplemented by abstract visuals that enhanced the taste of spherified cocktails. The installation aimed to explore interactions between auditory, visual, gustatory and contextual factors in the experience of taste.

The UT Nieuws and Technisch Weekblad (both in Dutch) reported on the event.