Best paper award


We are happy to let you know that our paper, “A Moving Feast: Effects of Color, Shape and Animation on Taste Associations and Taste Perceptions” received a best paper award at the ACE’16 conference! In the paper we detail the results of several studies that show how animated projections on top of, and around food can alter a person’s initial impression and actual taste of food.

Full paper accepted at ACE’16

Our paper entitled “A Moving Feast: Effects of Color, Shape and Animation on Taste Associations and Taste Perceptions” has been accepted as a full paper at the Advances in Computer Entertainment 2016 (ACE’16) conference. The paper describes several studies on the influence of visual stimuli on taste associations and taste experiences. In the main experiment we had participants taste several samples of yogurt which were presented with projections around them, thus changing their appearance.

TB&B Fooddock expo

The Future Foods expo at Fooddock, during which students presented their views on the future of food, received a lot of positive responses from visitors. The installations offered an interesting glimpse into what might be the future of food. From ordering it, to consuming it.

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January 28th: Exhibition at Fooddock Deventer

Schermafbeelding 2016-01-25 om 17.09.40


On the 28th of January from 17:00-20:00 students from the HMI Master course Media Technology, this year inspired by Tasty Bits & Bytes, will exhibit their work on Future Foods, focussing on interesting combinations between technology and food. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with Fooddock in Deventer. Check here for more information about the exhibition (in Dutch).

Tasty Bits and Bytes is a go!

We are very pleased to announce that the Tasty Bits and Bytes (TBB) project has been awarded funding by the board of directors of COMMIT/. This means that, starting this fall, we will investigate the use of mixed reality technology to enhance experiences with food and drinks (A more detailed description can be found here). The TBB project will seek active collaboration with a number of partners, who are listed here.

We will use this website throughout the project to report on the progress, and to share interesting news items relevant to the project.